Innovative Technology

Orion International has extensive experience in China's CBM reserves estimation, drilling technology and commercial exploitation. Their technical has developed a unique multilateral well design and successfully applied to various CMB fields in China.

Based on the current multilateral well design, an advanced technology breakthrough in the world was made in Sanjiao Project -- a newly formulated multilateral well design has been successfully drilled. Fiber-reinforced plastic sieve casing is set in each of the four laterals with total length of nearly 3 km to avoid collapse. This kind of well has the advantage of less investment, higher and stable gas production as well as longer production period. It can help Sanjiao Project to increase its efficiency and productivity. Sanjiao CBM Project attained a technological breakthrough and obtained two patents from State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C , which include: “The invention of single wellbore CBM multilateral well system and drilling method”; and “The method of single wellbore CBM multilateral well drilling and completion”.

Original multilateral well design Newly formulated multilateral well design
No. of wells needed One vertical well, one horizontal well that intersects each other Saved a vertical well’s cost
Laterals On each of the two main laterals has 3-4 sub laterals, sieve casing are set on the two main laterals only 4-5 main laterals that are parallel to each other and has similar length, fiber-reinforced plastic casing is set within each of the laterals to prevent the hole collapse
Cost of field Producing well is separated from engineering well, cannot save cost Reduce number of well sites; Minimize cost for land usage, pipeline collection system, power supply line, future maintenance and administrative fee